On a Mission to Transform the Smart Health Landscape in South-East Europe

We’re pioneering the European Health Data Space by building the first Regional Smart Health Data Space.

Mission-Driven, Impact-Focused

Welcome to VELES Excellence Hub, where our mission is to drive innovation excellence in smart healthcare in South-East Europe. We are dedicated to reinforcing the region’s position as a thriving hub for groundbreaking advancements in healthcare.

At VELES, our vision extends beyond innovation; we aim to create an enduring healthcare impact for society. Our primary focus is on Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, and Cyprus four widening countries — supported by the expertise of three developed nations: Sweden, Spain, and Germany.

Our coordinated efforts will advance the exchange of health data across Europe while ensuring privacy over the data. Furthermore, we will enable the innovation uptake in place-based ecosystems in the four widening countries, fostering cross-country collaborations.

We are excited to be laying the foundation for a European Health Data Space, starting with the development and validation of a Regional Smart Health Data Space.

Unleashing the Power of the Regional Smart Health Data Space Through Four Pilot Studies

VELES Will Support


Citizens gain control over their health data, ensuring better healthcare access even when traveling abroad.

Health Businesses & Researchers

Health businesses and researchers gain enhanced access to data, enabling research into treatments, medicines, and medical devices.

Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare professionals fully leverage the potential of safe and secure health data exchange, utilization, and reuse.

Authorities & Regulatory Bodies

Authorities and regulatory bodies access evidence-based insights for informed decision-making and policy development.

The 15 Consortium Partners Committed to Revolutionze Healthcare