A Well-Balanced Collaboration

VELES is a well-balanced consortium composed of 15 partners spanning four Widening countries (Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, and Cyprus), and three developed countries (Sweden, Spain, and Germany)

Constructed upon the Quadruple Helix Model, we bring together organizations that actively engage with and influence all four key segments of society: public sector (ministries, municipalities, agencies, hospitals), research/science (universities), citizens (NGOs and other citizen organizations), and industry (IT and cybersecurity companies, VCs, healthcare companies).

With complementary expertise, our consortium functions as a cohesive unit, empowering us to address scientific, technical, economic, and societal challenges comprehensively. Our diverse team includes researchers, public sector representatives, industry leaders, and user-cluster advocates. The largest university in Bulgaria, Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski, through its research center GATE, is appointed as coordinator.

All partners are committed to actively contributing to the transformation of South-East Europe’s Smart Healthcare Sector. We invite you to discover each one of them below.

15 Consortium Partners | 4 Participating Widening Countries | 3 Supporting Developed Countries